Oil & Gas

ATOM DYNAMIC is a leading service supplier to the Oil and Gas sector that provides services such as testing, inspection and certifications to individuals and organizations.

The Oil and Gas industry has been facing an increasing number of challenges over the last few years, both upstream and downstream. Support services -from the exploration and production (E&P) level to operational issues such as the processing and storing oil products and segments- have become more critical than ever.

Oil refineries are key to obtaining oil and gas products often called hydrocarbons. Oil in different parts of the world contains different proportions of the various hydrocarbons.

The main goal is to identify and deliver commercially viable field-development opportunities. After the geological field has been chosen, the lifecycle of processing has to be determined by strict rules and standards.

Organizations also need to deliver projects on time in the most safely manner.

Our oil and gas services support organizations and individuals across the supply chain from exploration and appraisal to the development and production stages. Our team provides technical assurance both to existing refineries and to those being built now, across the world.

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Moreover, ATOM DYNAMIC focuses on integrity and technical assurance for other major assets including petro-chemical and chemical plants.